CES PTC Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2016


Call to Order: 6:00pm by Stacey Nichols, President


Pledge of Allegiance: lead by Nicole Granier, Vice President


Minutes: read by Christine Delatte, Secretary

Minutes were sent out from last meeting, April 21st, by email earlier today.

Motion to accept the minutes made by Monique Martinez, second by Kandy Cortez


Treasurer’s Report: read by Brandy Braud, Treasurer

The budget is a working document. A new finance committee will review and make changes/updates. The revised budget will be presented at the next meeting in February 2017.

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report made by Debbie Hebert, second by Regina Bergeron


New Officer Elections

Stacey Nichols, President, described the roll for all the PTC officer positions


  • President: Nicole Granier nominated Stacey Nichols, all approved
  • Vice President: Brandy Braud nominated Nicole Granier, all approved
  • Secretary: Debbie Hebert nominated Christine Delatte, all approved
  • Treasurer: Christine Delatte nominated Brandy Braud, all approved
  • Finance Committee: Christine Delatte nominated Denise Mabile, all approved

Monique Martinez nominated Regina Bergeron, all approved

  • Teacher: Monique Martinez nominated Kathy Caperton, all approved



2016-2017 CES PTC Officers:

  • President: Stacey Nichols
  • Vice President: Nicole Granier
  • Secretary: Christine Delatte
  • Treasurer: Brandy Braud
  • Finance Committee: Denise Mabile and Regina Bergeron
  • Teacher: Kathy Caperton


Welcoming of New Officers and Introductions

The 2016-2017 CES PTC Officers introduce themselves to everyone.




By Laws Review: They were not passed out. They can be reviewed on the school website, www.ces.lpsd.k12.la.us, under PTC link. Members will let officers or Mr. Lee know if any changes are needed.


Principal’s Report: Read by Mr. Lee, CES Principal

Mr. Lee thanked everyone.

Mr. Lee mentioned the move to the new school and asked PTC to consider putting it in the budget.  Although the new school will need a lot, first priority will be the CES sign and playground equipment.


Old Business

  1. Teacher Appreciation Week

Stacey Nichols talked about how well teacher appreciation went and the events for the CES staff that week. PTC provided food in the lounge and CES staff giveaways.

  1. Give Back Events: we have to abide by the individual restaurant rules (ex: flyer or no flyer)
    1. Chuck E Cheese: made $235
    2. Rotolo’s: made $325
    3. Firehouse Subs: made $200


New Business

  1. Give Back Events

Next give back event possibly scheduled for October 26th. PTC will try both Bubba’s Restaurants. We will leave November and February for other CES clubs (yearbook/4-H).

  1. PTC Shirts: still available
  2. Jambalaya Plate Lunch Fundraiser 9/25

We talked about a plate lunch fundraiser in the future during the week with delivery.

  1. Fall Fest 11/4

We need help with anything. We will have bracelets for the games this year. Tickets will still be an option. Nicholls Athletic Dept. will possibly be able to help. The cake walk will be moved to the cafeteria. Mr. Lee let us know of the change in taxes. PTC may have to pay tax on every ticket/bracelet we sell.

  1. Christmas Raffle: $6,600 profit in 2015

Begins November 14th and money is due on December 12th. The drawing will be on December 15th at 10:00am. The top seller party will be on December 16th at 11:30am - 1:30pm. We need volunteers to help at the party. PTC will also give small prizes this year to anyone selling tickets. We still need a ticket sponsor to cover the cost of printing the tickets (about $630).

  1. Open Discussion
    1. A generous parent donated a signed, Manning football to PTC. We can use it at Fall Fest, Christmas Raffle, or how we choose.
    2. The calendar fundraiser has been approved however we need a volunteer to take it over as soon as possible.
    3. We talked about a “Duct Tape the Principle” fundraiser. Students could buy pieces of duct tape from PTC to tape Mr. Lee to the wall.
    4. Some members mentioned PTC having more “big” events. (ex: Gala, Dance, Parent night out) We would need more volunteers to take on these projects.



Upcoming Jean Days: September 16, October 21, November 18, December 12

Several members suggested doing “school appropriate” shorts for future jean days. Mr. Lee said he will consider it. We wouldn’t start until after December.

The next PTC meeting will be February 9th at 6:00pm



The motion to adjourn was made by Josh Cortez, and second by Lani Aucoin at 7:53pm.