Student Handbook


          The 2016-2017 school year will be a memorable one!  By using this handbook and working together, each of us will have a rewarding educational experience.

            On behalf of the faculty and staff, you are invited to visit our school, attend programs, and become an active member of our Parent Teacher Club.  The P.T.C. is the heart of our excellent volunteer program.  We are happy to have you and your child with us!



August 8 -------------------- 1st- 5th Students Report

September 5 ------------------------------- Labor Day

September 6--------Prof.Development, No School

September 7 ----------------------- Progress Reports

October 7--------------- End of 1st Marking Period

October 10 --------------------------------- Fall Break

October 11--------- Prof.Development, No School

October 14 --------------------- Report Cards Home

November 8 –------------Election Day, No School

November 9 ----------------------- Progress Reports

November 21-25 --------------------- Thanksgiving

December 16 ----------- End of 2nd Marking Period

Dec. 19-Jan. 2----------------Christmas/New Years

January 3 ----------------------------Students Return

January 5 ---------------------- Report Cards Home

January 16 ------------------Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 17---------Prof.Development, No School

February 1 ------------------------- Progress Reports

February 27-March3 ---------------------Mardi Gras

March 14 ---------------- End of 3rd Marking Period

March 17 ----------------------- Report Cards Home

April 12------------------------------Progress Reports

April 14 ------------------- Good Friday, No School

April 17-21--------Easter/Spring Break, No School

May 25 –---------Report Cards/Students’ Last Day



Before & After school care is available beginning at 6:30 AM until school takes in and ending at 5:30 PM.  Registration forms and fee information can be picked up at the front office.




All are welcome!  To ensure safety, you must:

  1. Go directly to the office for a Visitor’s Pass
  2. Present license and sign the sign-in notebook
  3. Visits must be prearranged with teacher
  4. Do Not enter any room without authorization
  5. Sign-out in the office when leaving



Students, except for those in child care, may not arrive earlier than 7:50am when duty begins.  The take-in bell rings at 8:15am



All students will be dismissed at 3:15.  Students must have a routine way to go home each day.  If an emergency requires a change, a letter must be sent to the teacher/office first thing in the morning.  Students not having a note will go home according to their routine dismissal.

To avoid confusion, please send a note with specific after school instructions rather than leaving messages with the front office.



            All students who ride buses are subject to state and local board regulations.  Any behavior that distracts the driver is a hazard.  It is critical that children observe bus safety and conduct rules.  Noncompliant students may lose riding privileges following parent notification.

            Bus changes are not allowed, due to overloading of buses.  A note must be sent if a student is not riding the bus home, stating who will pick him/her up.



            State law requires that students attend school regularly except for personal illness (verified by a doctor), death in the family, or extenuating circumstances.  Do not send ill children to school.  A student who misses 11 or more days (excused or unexcused) is not promoted.  Academic success is reflective of good attendance.  Please try to schedule routine appointments during non-school hours.  Attendance investigations will be made by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance for excessive/habitual absences or tardies.

            When an absent child returns, a note must be sent to the homeroom teacher to explain the absence.  This does not mean that the absence is automatically excused.  Work assigned prior to the absence is expected to be made up on the day of his/her return.

            Because your child may become ill at school, make sure that the STUDENT EMERGENCY INFORMATION sheet that you complete at the beginning of each school year is up to date.



Any student arriving after the take-in bell at 8:15 is considered tardy.  The LA Compulsory Attendance Law regards tardiness as seriously as absences.  Excessive tardiness may result in disciplinary action.  When late, the student AND THE PARENT are required to sign in at the office.  The student will be issued a tardy slip to enter class.



If your child will be leaving during the day, please send a note to school with him/her.  He/she must be signed out in the office by an adult listed on the “Sign out card”.  Only designated persons on the card are allowed to pick up your child from school with proper identification. In order to ensure an orderly dismissal, students should be checked out prior to 3:00pm. A record is kept of all school time missed.



Visitors are not to park in the “staff parking” or “reserved parking” spaces in the front of the school. Parking is allowed in the front of the school between 8:30am to 2:30pm.


By law, teachers cannot administer medication.  Prescription medication given over a long period of time is given by trained personnel.  A medication form signed by the parent and doctor is required.  The parent must bring the medication to school in its properly labeled original container and count out the supply to the school nurse.  Students may NOT carry medication of any type on school grounds.



Uniforms must be worn each day as follows:

Shirts - white or Kelly green collared oxford or polo.  Long or short sleeves may be worn.

Pants/shorts/skirts/jumpers/skorts –

  • Traditional style khaki cotton twill
  • No baggy or oversized clothes
  • No pockets on lower legs
  • No logos on these items
  • Pants worn at waistline with tucked in shirts and black or brown belts if there are belt loops

Socks – visible solid white, solid black or khaki

Shoes – any style with a closed back and front

ID Tags – To be worn at all times, lost tags will be replaced by parents starting at a cost of $2.00.



We encourage parents to schedule conferences.  If you have a concern about a school program, about school information, or your child’s performance or behavior, please send a note to the teacher requesting a conference.  Unless you want to meet before or after school, please ask the teacher when it would be convenient to meet with you during school hours so that he/she can arrange a time that will not interfere with instructional time.



Student planners have been given to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and serve as a school/home communication.  These planners must be with students at all instructional times.  Should a student lose his planner, he/she will be required to purchase a new one at a cost of $5.00.


Assignments and upcoming events are to be written in them.  The planners have an area for parent/teacher comments.  Please get in the habit of using this space as needed to communicate with each other.  Each weekly page spread also has activities to promote critical thinking skills.  Please discuss these activities with your child.







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